We specialize in the design and implementation of data, voice, video and Internet solutions, as well as functionalities that expand the capabilities of existing network infrastructures. We adapt to the size of the network, whether it is a corporate wifi or public hotspot.

We provide wireless solutions for enterprise, government and residential environments, from the different phases of engineering, design and dimensioning of coverage, installation and installation of equipment and cabling infrastructure.

Our success stories cover a wide range of scenarios:

Bryant Kellam


success case
The demand for complementary services in the hotel sector is becoming more demanding. Customers demand access to the Internet comfortably and from anywhere.

In locations such as resorts, campsites, or even a small rural hotel, it is necessary for the wireless network to be robust and reliable enough to ensure satisfaction of the end user.
Leanna Pyburn


success case
In stations, airports and shopping malls, it is expected that there will be a wireless network to give customers access to the Internet. Our intelligent hotspot system can offer this service by complying with the legality in public spaces and offering marketing tools and data analysis that are of great value for the customer that operates said service. Allowing the visualization of banners, advertising videos, injection of content on the web that the client is visualizing at that moment, obtaining of the CTR,...
Bryant Kellam


success case
Our systems are adaptable to educational environments, optimized and configurable in a way that allows the coexistence of several independent networks, with diverse access control policies completely different. The system allows content filtering, bandwidth limitation per user, among many other features.
Leanna Pyburn


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We provide solutions for scenarios that need to be always connected, with high availability and failover. We provide public organizations of networks that are specifically designed and dimensioned to solve any need, be it interconnection of buildings, maintenance of traffic monitoring networks, connectivity to events, etc.


We have extensive experience in radio communications in free band and licensed band, we are experts and we work with the big brands of the sector. Our engineers are certified in various brands (Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and Ruckus), for free band solutions and Ceragon, ZTE and Dragonwave in the case of licensed bands. We design native Ethernet and TDM frame transmission networks in multiple frequency bands between 6Ghz and 38Ghz.

We are specialists in providing point-to-point and point-to-point connectivity in the microwave band, with configurable capabilities and characteristics depending on customer requirements.


We have great experience in the deployment and operation of fiber optic networks, both GPON and dark fiber. Fiber optic technology allows greater speed and reliability in the transmission and reception of information in point-to-point and multipoint point architectures. It allows to reach the end user with Gigabit capabilities, to offer the service that requires, either a triple play (nternet, television and telephone) in the residential case, as dedicated redundant links between corporate headquarters, giving the communications an extra layer Protection against interference typical of a copper or coaxial network.

We can deploy any type of wiring and fiber, whether single or multimode, or installation by air, underground or microzine.


A virtual private network is a network technology that allows a secure extension of the local area network (LAN) over an uncontrolled public network such as the Internet. It allows a computer on the network to send and receive data over shared or public networks as if it were a private network with all the functionality, security and within the management policies of a private network.

Using VPN technologies, we can provide companies with Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity encrypted between any of their headquarters. Our experts will design a solution that meets your needs in the most reliable and robust way.